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60 Riviera Rd, Killarney, Johannesburg, South Africa

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TEL: +27 11 646 4657, EMAIL ADD : killarneymall@cityprop.co.za

Killarney Mall is one of Johannesburg’s most established shopping centres, offering inspired choices for those who welcome a myriad of possibilities, from beautiful products and great shopping to aesthetically appealing spaces in a unique environment. The mall caters for its community with an array of convenient services and is constantly evolving to meet the individual needs of its shoppers.

Served by easy access from the M1 highway, Killarney Road and Riviera Road, Killarney Mall is well situated to be your convenient shopping mall of choice.

Killarney Mall houses three floors of Office Suites as well as a Medical Mews, over and above its retail offering. The Houghton Post Office is situated in the mall and has over 3 500 post boxes – connecting people through the distribution of information, goods and financial services.



Bringing ground-breaking shopping to Johannesburg residents, rather than the conventional street with shops, Killarney Mall revolutionised:

  • Shops facing an open court and arcade, creating a space for promotions, entertainment and outdoor cafes.
  • Parking facilities on the perimeter of the shops that permitted entry into the courtyard and shops.
  • Major tenants such as Woolworths were positioned as an anchor around which supporting shops were balanced. This was the first time that the principle of planned tenancies was established.
  • Signage and shop-fronts were integrated into the scheme for the first time.
  • Tenants, leases, rights and incentives were set up, while a Merchants Association began the idea of joint promotions.




Rich in entertainment history and fantastic tales of film and fantasy, with all the glitz and glamour of South Africa’s very own Hollywood, Killarney Mall stands at the heart of South Africa’s entertainment origin and still represents the perfect place for the people of Jozi’s to come together and socialise. Killarney Mall now stands on the portion of land formerly known as Cooks Farm. A short wagon or trap tripe only a few hours north of Johannesburg at the turn of the former century, it was a favourite picnic spot on weekends for people who visited the farm.

In 1913 a legendary insurance, real estate and financial tycoon, Isidore William Schlesinger, bought the site of 103 acres just over the ridge for £60,000. Schlesinger decided that the new entertainment medium “The Bioscope” had a future in South Africa.

Under Schlesinger’s guidance, the African Theatre’s Trust was formed in 1913 in association with a number of leading entrepreneurs of that time. In 1915, when American film makers moved into Hollywood, California, it was decided to set up a South African company under the title “African Film Productions” and the studios were built, almost exactly where Killarney Mall stands today.

During 1915 and 1916, African Film Productions produced a dozen movies, with such titles as “An Artist’s Inspiration”, “A Zulu’s Devotion” and “The Illicit Liquor Seller”. During 1918 and 1919, African Film Productions were particularly active in production of short fiction films of which five were shown throughout the Union in 1919. Killarney produced further epics in the years before 1920, including “King Solomon’s Mines” and “The Symbol of Sacrifice”, an ambiguous film about the Zulu war of 1879.

In later years, The African Film Studios were replaced due to the new motorway, the relocation of the Automobile Club and the growing need of Killarney residents for a neighbourhood shopping centre. This was developed by Townview Estates, a company of Schlesinger, and designed by Monte Sack and ultimately completed in 1972. Passing by Killarney during the years 1966 to 1972, one could not help but notice the community Killarney Mall.

It was a low-rise building with a timber facade surrounding the entire building, the low walls decorated in white and a large open court with the periphery of shops around the court displaying their names on canvas blinds erected to keep the sun out of the shop-fronts. Almost four decades later, Killarney Mall still stands proudly in the heart of Johannesburg.


In 1913, the first “African Mirror” was screened in Johannesburg. This film newsreel magazine was the brainchild of Schlesinger and continued week by week, first ‘silent’ and then with sound, for well over 50 years. It was the longest running weekly newsreel in the world.

Bennie Machanik, a film man associated with the former Killarney Studios since 1942, proclaimed with pride that the newsreel never missed a week from start to finish. “We had ‘correspondent’ cameramen in every important centre in South Africa and the neighbouring territories, who covered all noteworthy events. The product was on screen within the week, and occasionally – as in the case of the Durban July – we had the coverage on-screen the same night, the Saturday night of the race day.”

Killarney cameramen drove “up north” throughout World War II, and their archive material is among the most valuable held in South African Film archives today. In 1975, however, the newsreel became a “magazine” programme as television now offered more immediate coverage of events.

Due to the development of the television in South Africa, the newsreel was replaced by the “Mirror International/Spieel International” which included interest material from abroad.