Killarney Mall’s Stationery Drive has been ongoing for many years, shoppers generously donate new and used stationery in bins allocated around the mall. Killarney Mall supplements the stationery collected by purchasing notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, scissors, colouring pencils, writing paper, pencil cases and more. Our charity partner, Thembelenkosini Care Givers in Senaoane, Soweto received the items on 1 February with open arms. Senaoane is a growing and vibrant neighbourhood in Soweto with a burgeoning presence of schools, churches, clinics, sports facilities, and NGOs. It is also the home to Soweto College.

Born and raised in Soweto, Johannesburg, Ms. Witness Khosi Ntshangase, has worked tirelessly to enhance the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children through the Thembelenkosini Care Givers Centre. Khosi, as she is more informally known, derives her motivation to bring positive change to her community from her late father, Thembelenkosini. His love for people and compassion for the disadvantaged in his community truly inspired her to establish and manage the foundation. The centre is named in his honour.

Thembelenkosini Care Givers is a registered non-profit organization and their mission is to physically, emotionally, creatively, and intellectually enhance the lives of children in the community of Senaoane. Many of these children are orphaned and to them Thembelenkosini is not just a care facility, they rely on them for food, love, education and stationery to get through the school year. Based at Saint Hilda’s church, the facility has a Kitchen to provide breakfast and lunch, a library and a playroom. This year City Property supplement the stationery donations with large supplies of basic food products including, samp, maze meal, rice, soya mince and more.

On the 1st of February 2016 students from Soweto made their way to Thembelenkosini as they always do, but were surprised by the Killarney Mall team. The mall was there to hand over boxes of books, files, stationery and food. The children were overwhelmed with happiness when they received their pencil cases filled with stationery, notebooks, pencil crayons and books to fill their library. The library received many reading books and encyclopaedias kindly donated by Killarney Mall shoppers. After an afternoon of sing and dance, they were further surprised with sweets and chocolates. On many occasions the charity has fallen shorty of supplies and care givers dig into their own pockets to assist.

Caregivers at Thembelenkosini do not get salaries, Thembelenkosini is their family and will do whatever it takes to help their children. An emotional Lindiwe, who assists the children daily, received the items with much gratitude and appreciation.

Thank you to the many shoppers who made this all possible. The stationery Drive will continue once again in Killarney Mall from December.


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