Established in 1964, Grantley College high school offers a supported education for students who have found difficulty in realising their full potential in other mainstream schools, due to a variety of reasons.

Grantley is one of the few schools in South Africa which offers children this type of educational opportunity right through to matriculation level. With a maximum class size of 15, students benefit from the individual attention this allows

Grantley College has a proud heritage and fine reputation of service to a community of families who wish to give their children a second chance at success. It is an independent, co-educational, non-profit school which offers mainstream education to students who are experiencing a gap between their potential and actual achievement.

Although academic achievement is not the sole measure of success, it is nevertheless important for the successful integration of students into the adult world. In recent years, Grantley has achieved a100% pass rate of candidates entering the Matric examination .


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