Free WiFi

Free WiFi

We’ve got you covered with 250mb free WiFi every day at Killarney Mall.

How do I connect to the VAST network and use the Free WiFi?
When you are in a VAST WiFi Zone, follow these easy steps to get connected:
-Activate WiFi on your device (go to the settings > WiFi/Wireless)
-Search for WiFi networks
-Connect to WiFi Network with the format “KillarneyMall@VAST
You will be redirected to the Landing page. If you are not redirected you simply need to open a browser, type in any website address and click “go”
Click on the “Free WiFi” Button

If you have not registered before you will need to complete a once-off registration by entering your Name, e-mails address and mobile phone number and clicking on “submit”.

We will send a One Time Pin via SMS to the mobile phone number supplied.
Enter your one time pin and start using the Internet.
If you are a return user, you need only accept the Terms & Conditions and click “submit” to start using the internet.

For assistance contact the VAST helpdesk on 087 358 7531 or

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