Food for Thought Drive

Recognising the generosity of spirit of the Killarney and surrounding communities and their desire to help those in need, Killarney Mall and SA Harvest have partnered to make the act of taking regular action simple and convenient. A bright black-and-yellow SA Harvest collection box will give shoppers the ability to donate a variety of much-needed food items to help hungry South Africans. These include tinned food, bread, spreads, dairy products, pasta, sugar, eggs, maize meal, powdered milk, rice and fruit & veg.

SA Harvest is a food rescue organisation that has, since the start of lockdown, provided over 2,1 million meals to the most vulnerable in our society. In Johannesburg, SA Harvest supports 11 vetted beneficiary organisations who take care of children, the elderly and hungry adults across the city, from Soweto to the inner city, east, west and south.

One of these, the Ikageng Itereleng Aids Ministry in Orlando West, Soweto, is helping people to help themselves through a new model created for orphans living in child-headed households. Founded by Carol Dyanti, a home-based care provider in 2002, Ikageng Itireleng AIDS Ministry is providing food, accommodation, educational needs, transportation, life-skills and skills development, emotional and psychosocial support, and other social and spiritual activities for more than 1 000 orphaned and vulnerable children in Soweto.

Says CEO of SA Harvest, Alan Browde, “Ikageng Itireleng is unprecedented in that its model seeks to remedy the turmoil while preserving the integrity of the remaining family unit. Instead of breaking families up, Ikageng provides the resources and services needed to maintain the family, keeping siblings together in their own homes.

“SA Harvest has the know-how to deliver food efficiently and safety, but we need more food supplies. COVID-19 has created a hunger crisis that is nothing short of a national emergency. We are immensely grateful to the management and community of Killarney Mall for helping us to help those in such dire need. Every donation counts towards ensuring that someone doesn’t go to bed hungry,” says Browde.

Killarney Mall shoppers will find the collection boxes in the Woolworths Court, and all donations are accepted with heartfelt gratitude. For more information on SA Harvest and Ikageng Itireleng, go to

From: 2020/09/01 - 2021/09/30