Killarney Mall Cares

Killarney Mall cares! The past 3 years Killarney mall has identified and worked to support Thembelenkosini Care Giversin Soweto. We as a mall and a community realise the importance of supporting education and those institutes who provide to and support our youth without government funding.

Annual Killarney Mall Stationary Drive

Annual Killarney Mall Stationery Drive

Ms. Witness Khosi Ntshangase the co-founder of this centre, derives her motivation to bring positive change to her community from her late father, Thembelenkosini. His love for people and compassion for the disadvantaged in his community truly inspired her to establish and manage the foundation. The centre is named in his honour.

Ms. Witness provides the children with a safe environment after school to study, further their education and learn invaluable life skills through their volunteers and tutors at the centre. They provide swimming lessons as well as a library which brings the children of TCG to a place to read and study in a safe, learner friendly environment.

Killarney Mall undertook to collect stationery in December 2018 from sponsors and our community in hopes to provide stationery to this school in early 2019. We are proud to report that due to the donations we are able to provide stock for up to one year.

Thanks to the generosity of Sharon Wapnick with Killarney Mall, Bostik as well as Dis-Chem Pharmacies and Pick n Pay Killarney with our wonderful community who donated at the malls in centre boxes we have donated over 400 work books 500 pens and pencils 150 sharpeners 150 erasers and supplied the grade ten students with calculators and maths sets and much more of the day to day stationery required to run this centre. In addition to the sponsored stationery, the Killarney Mall shoppers donated countless books, crayons, files and folders filling a total of 10 boxes. Through the generosity of all our givers Killarney Mall were further able to purchase canned goods, rice, pap, as well as sweet treats which could go as far as providing lunch to the children for up to 3 months.

We wish to extend a very big thank you our valuable sponsors Bostik, Dis-Chem Pharmacies and Pick n Pay Killarneywithout whom, this would not have been possible as well as to all our incredible shoppers and Thembelenkosini Care Givers for providing this safe environment for children and promoting their education further. In the words of the late Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

To donate or offer any assistance please contact Thembelenkosini Care Givers at 0 11 025 7755 or e-mail

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Killarney Mall Cares