Killarney Mall Safe Hands Challenge

Killarney Mall’s mission:

• The health and safety of all shoppers’ and tenants’ is paramount

• To ensure Killarney Mall 💙 is a safe and clean environment 

• To continue to provide you with all your service and convenience needs


Short of buying a hazmat suit, we will be implementing the following precautions to assist in protecting you and the community:

• Increased cleaning frequency of the mall

• Hand soap readily available in all bathrooms

• At all entrances additional hygiene measures will be available


How can we make your shopping experience one of convenience during the #Covid19:

• Click and collect

• Tap and go card machines 

• Pick n Pay will be open from 07h00 to 08h00 for all our shoppers that are over the age of 65years


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*Click and collect stores: 

• Groceries for humans and your beloved pets: Pick n Pay, Absolute Pets

• Clothing: Mr Price, Total Sport

• Home & Lifestyle: Sheet Street, Carrol Boyes, Le Creuset, @Home, Exclusive Books

• Health & Beauty: Clicks, Dischem


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Killarney Mall Safe Hands Challenge